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Homes In California More Expensive By About 5 Percent After Recreational Marijuana Legalization

Eight US states have legalized recreational marijuana use since 2012, and scientists are investigating the effects of this change – from how many tourists come to these states to changes in health care costs after marijuana legalized, Quartz writes.

California legalized marijuana in 2019, and a study by university scientists found that by the middle of next year, house prices there had risen 5 percent, or about $15,000, in areas where marijuana was legalized, compared to areas where legalization had not yet been legalized. implemented.

The study showed that houses became more expensive not because investors did not build houses in areas where marijuana was legalized, but because more people wanted to buy houses in areas with legalized marijuana, or because of increased demand.

People immigrated to these areas of legal marijuana, or wanted to immigrate, for the free consumption of “grass”, but also for the so-called. “Green fever”, employment and start-up opportunities that legalization has opened up.


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