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How Not To Be Deceived When Buying An Apartment? Pay Attention To The Following Things

It is important to point out that the purchase of an apartment is no longer related only to a specific unit, but also to the building, neighborhood, environment, so you should think “out of the box”

When buying an apartment, especially in construction, they recommend that you pay attention to a few key things, and if they “get the green light”, then focus on the other details.

New buildings can be accompanied by problems such as the lack of legalization or apartments are often just waiting to be registered, so it is important to check all the necessary documents at the beginning.

It should be mentioned that apartments generally have a significantly lower price, compared to the average from the same neighborhood, if the building is still in the process of legalization. Also, in addition to the documents, both the building and the apartment itself (for which the current / previous owner is responsible), the condition of the common rooms should be examined.

This is especially true for those who buy smaller apartments, in which there is no “surplus” room, so it is important for them to have a shed or their place in the basement. Of course, when new buildings are equipped, it is also important to you how they are maintained, whether the cameras (if any) work, whether there is a common roof terrace / yard.

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Many do not pay attention to that at first, but things like this are sometimes crucial. For example, if the apartment you are measuring does not have a terrace, and this is a significant item for you, where the building, for example, has a large common terrace on the roof – this can in some way compensate for the shortcoming and force you to buy.

It is important to point out that the purchase of an apartment is no longer related only to a specific unit, but also to the building, neighborhood, and environment. If a building, for example, has a long-standing problem with a leaking facade or roof – somewhere the tenants don’t ask much, but everyone has to take the cost.

Pay special attention to hidden flaws

Try to guess what in a certain building could “fall” on the tenants, and avoid unnecessary costs, if you can. If you are buying an apartment in a solitaire or a multi-storey building (over 5), check the condition of the elevator – how many there are, is there a separate freight elevator.

For example, some old buildings have elevators that have never been renovated since the date of construction, and reconstruction can take a month or more. If you live on a high floor, you will not be comfortable walking up and down whenever you need for 30 days or more.

What is related to the apartment itself, and what should be checked first are water, electricity, possible cracks in the wall, insulation. Ask an expert what kind of materials are in question, because the point is not that everything looks beautiful only to the eye, but also that it is high quality. When a property is new, you can’t see the flaws with the naked eye.

However, problems soon start to appear, if the quality of workmanship is poor. Experts also advise you to pay special attention to the condition of windows, balconies or loggias. On the other hand, you can determine some visual defects yourself, but with the hidden ones – you need the help of experts.

Also, very importantly, if the windows do not seal well, the apartment will automatically be less heated, and you will give more money for heating. PVC may cost money in the first place, but it saves you money in the long run, if it is well installed.

Also, before hiring engineers, architects, spatial planners and contractors, the Serbian Chamber of Engineers recommends that citizens perform a check in the competent registers, which are publicly available on the site.

As it is warned in the announcement of the Chamber, due to professional mistakes – it is in the interest of citizens and the profession to make sure that the licensed persons conscientiously perform work in the field of spatial and urban planning, design, construction and other areas important for planning and construction.


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