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Millions Of Americans At Risk For Landlords To Evict Them

Millions of Americans are once again at risk of being left homeless because they are unable to pay rent because of a moratorium banning landlords from throwing them out during a coronavirus pandemic, and Congress has not continued.

The U.S. Supreme Court had previously ruled that the moratorium could remain in effect until July 31, but the administration of President Joe Biden did not appeal the decision.

It is estimated that more than 3.6 million people are at risk, who could be on the streets as early as Monday if they do not pay their rent.

When it became clear that the Congress would not extend the duration of this moratorium, President Biden appealed to the federal authorities to take the necessary steps and prevent people from being thrown out on the streets, Voice of America reports.

“States and local authorities should pay out landlords and renters from their funds and prevent evictions,” Biden said in an appeal.

Congress previously approved $47 billion in aid to federal states to provide money for landlords renting out their apartments during a pandemic when many people lost both jobs and money.

The congressmen remind that the federal states distributed that money very slowly and that only three billion dollars were spent.

On Thursday, Biden called on Congress to urgently extend the moratorium on expulsions. Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi scheduled a vote for Friday early in the morning, but after several hours of negotiations, Democrats failed to agree on an extension and Republicans did not support the proposal.

According to the Ministry of Urban Development, at the end of March, almost 6.4 million households were late with the payment of rent, and at the beginning of July, 3.6 million people said that they could be left without a roof over their heads in the next two months.

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