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Musk Is Selling A House In California For Almost 32 Million Dollars

Billionaire Elon Musk has reduced the price of the offer of the California villa he is selling, because the owner of Tesla wants to break all relations with that country due to the move.

The house of the executive director of the company for the production of electric cars, with an area of ​​16,000 square meters, was offered for 31.99 million dollars, which is about 5.5 million dollars less than the previous price, published on the Zilou list, Bloomberg reports.

Musk, whose account accounts for more than $225 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, tweeted in June that he had decided to sell the houses he owned, more than a year after announcing that he would get rid of most of his property. because of criticism at the expense of his wealth.

Hillsborough, California, the currently listed Musk Home has seven bedrooms and ten bathrooms on a 47-acre plot. Originally built in 1916, this villa includes a library and music room, along with a completely renovated kitchen and private pool.

Musk said in June that the house was being rented for events and that if it was sold, it would “benefit less unless it is bought by a large family, which could happen one day.”

The billionaire announced last week that Tesla would move its headquarters to Austin, Texas, due to what he called “limited conditions for the growth of his company in San Francisco.” Musk did not mention the conflict with local health officials, who temporarily blocked his efforts to reopen Tesla’s factory in the city of Fremont last year.

Musk moved to Texas last year because his company SpaceX developed its new Starship vehicle, and Tesla’s new Gigafactory was under construction in Austin. Texas is Tesla’s third largest market in the United States, behind California and Florida, despite years of opposition from car dealers to the direct sales model. The state of Texas does not have a personal income tax, while California imposes the highest personal income tax on its richest residents.

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