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Security Doors – A Real Estate Necessity, Not A Luxury

Security is one of the highest values ​​in the real estate market – from location to equipment.

The comfort of living is no longer a luxury, and security provides that comfort.

Previously, only apartments in the most luxurious buildings and settlements had security doors.

Is that still the case today?

Well, it’s not.

Today, more and more residential buildings have security doors, so it can be said that they are becoming the standard in construction.

Why is it like that?

Security doors give extra security to the home

In addition, the value of real estate on the market increases if the real estate has a lower security risk, so contractors are increasingly deciding to take this step.


Unfortunately, there are a lot of burglaries and burglary attempts, especially during periods of rest, and it is quite easy to break an ordinary door and they are usually the target.

Of course, we are not saying that security doors and apartments that have them cannot be the target of burglars, but to break such doors it would be necessary to use buoyant tools for a long time, which would certainly alarm the neighborhood and thwart the attempt.

However, it is not enough to just install a security door and be sure that the apartment or house will not be broken into – other risk factors should be provided, especially for houses and apartments on the ground floor.

Statistically speaking, there are many more burglary attempts on older buildings where the security risk is higher than in newer buildings with functional intercom, surveillance cameras and security doors on apartments.

All this together contributes to greater security and a better, more comfortable quality of life.


In addition to security, security doors offer you other benefits such as better sound and heat insulation.

The interior of the security door is filled with steel that secures it, but the space in between can be filled with various insulating materials.

We have already written about energy efficiency and energy saving and you can read about it here.

Your quality of life will definitely be better if you don’t hear noise from the hallway and you won’t have the feeling that someone is constantly “passing through your house”.

How to choose a security door?

In the domestic market, there are more and more options for choosing adequate security doors for every need – either business or private, and for every pocket.

Security doors are significantly more expensive than regular ones, so it is necessary to plan a budget.

Our opinion is that you should not save on the price of security doors simply because you will have a better quality of housing, you will be safer when you are not at home, and you will feel safe when you are at home.

But, even though you think that there is no need to spend a large amount of money on security doors, we claim that even the cheapest security doors are better than regular ones.


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