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Guide To Selling Real Estate With High Quality Photography

According to some research, about 70% of people in the world belong to visual types – those who learn or remember most easily with illustrations, videos, or underlining.

These are also people who remember other people’s characters no matter how long ago they met them.

Why do we mention that?

Whether you are buying an apartment, a car or a shirt online, the inability to physically see / touch the product itself must be compensated by a photograph.

Photographs in real estate advertising

Visual aids are something that has been a very important factor in real estate advertising in recent years, whether for rent or purchase.

Previously, advertisements were printed in newspapers or messengers only with basic information about the address, number of floors and number of rooms, and possibly some additional description.

Today, there are few people who would respond to such an ad, especially if they are looking for their new home online.

We are not talking here about whether the property will eventually be sold or rented out.

We are talking about increasing the number of views of your ad, calls and field trips, which increases the possibility of a buyer or tenant appearing for your property.

Photos really contribute to that.

What can a potential buyer conclude about the property you are selling or renting out if you do not include photos in your ad?

First, that it is not something representative and second, that you are not a serious seller.

How to choose the right real estate photographs?

Well, when we concluded that nowadays, and especially for advertising on the Internet, photography has become a practically obligatory element, let’s also mention what kind of photos they should be.


The first thing to pay attention to is the quality of the photo.

The “murky but dear” thing will not be good enough here.

Joke aside, today most phones can take a quality enough photo to satisfy a customer.

Blurry, dark, or poor resolution photos can further spoil the impression of your property.

If you are not accustomed to taking photos, ask someone who is to make a pair, or simply, pay a professional photographer who will do the best job, not only in terms of resolution and sharpness, but also the composition.

In the beginning, it will be an expense, but it will pay off many times over.

Composition and lighting

You must have once been delighted with a photo of a property in a newspaper.

Sometimes, that property is neither as big nor as impressive as it seems in the photo.

The angle of photography, what is emphasized as well as adequate lighting are what attract.

For daytime photos, choose daylight, and avoid photographing real estate in artificial light, especially if you are taking photos on your own, as the colors will not be realistic.

When it comes to composition, avoid ugly parts of the apartment – for example, you can see a trash can in the corner of the picture.

It is desirable to paint from several angles to get the impression of depth.

Also, include a photo of the street, entrance and yard.

On our portal you can find a large number of ads with quality photos.

We hope we have helped you, and if you need more information, our team is here for you.


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